Transactions not updating after Console nickname update

Good morning - I noticed my transactions haven’t updated for an account since I updated the nickname in the Console. I saw a previous post regarding fixing the Balance History, but that didn’t touch on Transactions, which is my issue. Thanks for any assistance.


You may need to reselect the account in the sidebar in the add on after the renaming. This will tell the sidebar to pull thay account into your sheet.

Thanks! The balance is being pulled in. It’s just the transactions that aren’t anymore for some reason. Maybe just a coincidence with the renaming and may be an institution issue but curious if others have noticed this.

I’ve never run into this problem with changing account names. And, I’ve changed so many account names that my accounts sheet is a holy mess.

I’d guess it’s a coincidence but a really weird one with the balance fine and transactions missing.

Great to hear - sounds like an issue with the institution.

Either that possibly or could you by chance have some filters or slicers on in your transactions sheet that excludes them somehow?

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If you find you don’t have any filters on in your Transactions sheet, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Thanks! I reached out on the chat with the details. Curious if any other users pull in from the same institution and may be experiencing something similar. I don’t have any filters in the Transactions tab.

When you nickname accounts on the Tiller Console the change will not affect any data already in your spreadsheet. You’d need to manually update the existing data in the sheet with the new name. It will only apply to new Transactions going forward. Does the help?

Thanks. Morgan is taking a look. Seems like the nickname change was more coincidence. The issue being looked into now is why the institution is updating my balance daily but isn’t sending new transactions.

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