Accounts and Balances Sheet Issues

I just installed a brand new Tiller Foundation Template. Several things are not working right with the Accounts and Balance tabs.

  1. The Accounts tab does not show the nicknames I have set up in the console. They show up properly in the Money Feeds Connect Accounts list, but not on the Accounts tab.

I even restored the Accounts tab to start that fresh.

How do I make this refresh or connect properly?

  1. A few of the accounts are duplicated on the Balances Sheet. They were archived accounts which I have now removed from the console and unchecked on the Money Feeds Connected accounts. They still show up on the Balances tab. There are other archived accounts on the console which do not show up on the Balances tab.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Hi @kim.dushinski the nicknames you set up in the Console will not be pulled into your sheet, since the data in your sheet is all pulled directly from your financial institution. I’m sorry for any confusion around that!

Regarding your duplicated accounts, I’ve included some links to our guides below that should help with handling those and clearing out the duplicated data.

Let me know if you need more help!

Thanks for replying. In this help article it says that the changed names will be reflected in the spreadsheet. And they did change today when I refreshed my data. I had tried that yesterday, but it seems it takes a few days for the nickname update to reach the spreadsheet.

The update will be reflected in your spreadsheet after your next account refresh and fill and only for new entries . The account names for existing transactions will not change.

I will try your suggestion for duplicate accounts to fully solve my problem.

@kim.dushinski I’m so sorry for giving you the incorrect information! I was not aware that renaming accounts worked that way, but I’m glad you found the answer. I hope you were able to handle those duplicates!