Accounts appearing in Linked Accounts (Money Feeds) invalid in Account Tab

New user to Tiller and spreadsheets - after the intro webinar, I changed some account names in Tiller Console - noticed no accounts populated in Accounts tab so started manually entering them and they were auto-filling - except some were populating with the old account name
Now I have several accounts in Account Tab that have a red triangle with comment: Invalid: Input must fall within specified range.
These accounts are not showing up on the Balances Tab either -
Any help appreciated – in “beginner-ese” - Thanks

Hi Mark,

I’m not sure if your issue has been resolved seeing its been several days since your post. I did want to add my input just in case. Its my understanding that you can rename accounts from the Tiller Console. It’s better to rename accounts before you create sheets so that the new names are reflected right away.

Below are detailed steps on how to update this.

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console
  2. Scroll down to Account Summary.
  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon next to any account name.
  4. Edit the account name.
  5. Press enter or click the check mark to save your changes.

Your new account nicknames will appear for NEW transactions in your spreadsheets after the next update to your sheet.

Note: Editing the nickname from the Account Summary in the Tiller Console only updates the way that the account displays in your Tiller Sheet for new transactions and balances. The account names for historic transactions will not change. The nicknames also do not show up in the daily email summary at this time. Vote for this feature request on the Tiller Money Community if you would like to see your account nicknames appear in the daily email summary.

Warren or other, is there a way to update the transactions’ account name that I pulled my first day of using Tiller before I edited the account name to a useable nickname?

My Chase Sapphire populated as “Credit Card” initially and when I noticed this I changed its nickname to “Sapphire” to distinguish it from other credit cards, of course. (I saved a version and changed the account name by manually renaming in the Transactions sheet Account list.) The problem is the Insights data about most used accounts then omitted any mention of this Credit Card’s 151 transactions. (Although not a particularly useful metric, it seems misleading not to have that.) So I restored the previous version.

Of course, in the future the insights will show so many Sapphire transactions AND so many Credit Card ones I am assuming.

I would suggest more guidance on renaming accounts as one of the first steps for Newbies.

Hi Larry,

Here is an article that details updating your account names.

All, in case another newbie sees this issue after working on the Foundation Template …

If you did some updates and imported transactions without assigning a user friendly nickname (it’s at the “pencil” icon next to account name in the Console), it may be useful to just start anew. (Rather than trying to cleanup the old different named account names.) Especially, if you have worked on the AutoCat; in my case, it was easy and a good exercise to just quickly start with a fresh Foundation Template, paste in my Categories, add a few columns (like Month and Note) in the right place in the Transaction page … and let it rip. All accounts will now have the usable name and the Insights feature will accurately reflect how many of each source are in play.

Chase is particularly bad with this, as my Amazon and Sapphire and my biz Ink are all Chase cards and their standard naming “Credit Card” or worse leaves less than desired clarity to your transactions and thus reports.

In fact, this step (give discrete nicknames to needed Accounts BEFORE any use of the updating feeds tool) would be part of the update instructions on the website and in any new person’s instructions such as on that first page of steps.

Hope of use to someone.