HALP-Account nicknames not working!

I’ve renamed the accounts on my console page, however the changes aren’t being eflected on the balances sheet, nor the debt planner sheet. I also want to add a loan to my debt planner but it’s a loan from a friend, not a bank :). Are synced accounts from institutions the only way to add a line item to the debt planner?

Are new transactions coming in with the new account? IIRC, you have to change the existing transactions and balance with the new name. What I’ve done in the past is do a global find/replace.
As for your loan, you can track it in Tiller. What you need to do is go to the Tiller addon/extension (while you’re in Google Sheets) and then you can add a manual account. Then, as you make payments (or interest is added, etc.) you go to the Tiller Solutions addon/extension and add a new account.

ah ok…will try this later tonight. Thanks for your assistance!