Account names renamed and a bit confused

Alright team… To bring clarity into which account was which I ended up renaming my accounts. Based on previous posts, I saw other folks with a similar need but confusion on how to do it so am hoping for clarification from those that have done it or the Tiller support team.

Based on what I read, I have renamed the accounts to their new name from main Tiller sheets page (e.g., where you connect accounts to a specific sheet) and clicking the ‘pencil’ to edit the name. My understanding is that this only affects future transactions, is that correct?

Now, when I go into the ‘Accounts’ tab in the budget/sheet, I see that some accounts reflect the new name while others still reflect the old name. I cannot seem to pinpoint the reasoning but I am assuming it is because new transactions have flowed in for only those specific accounts, is that correct? On the Accounts page, I did see the ‘red triangle’ so made the update to the new name.

So, from here… I’d like to clean up the rest of the accounts but not sure how. Do I need to wait until new transactions flow in to fix?

As a note, I tried using the Repair Balance History tool (per a previous solution posted) but that is trying to change the new name back to the old name (again, I assume that is because there is no new transactions that have come in with the new name).

Sorry for the long post and I do hope this all makes sense. Looking for a little guidance on how to clean this up. Thanks in advance everyone!

Super interested in this myself.

After the TillerQ console change using the edit pencil, should one do a Global (all sheets) careful find and replace of the new name throughout the Template?


That’s correct. It will only affect future transactions added to the sheet.

For the Accounts sheet it’s based on whether or not balance history data has been added to the sheet, not transactions.

Repair Balance History also relies on Balance History data and is looking at the most recent balance history entry and compares the older ones to it and the data from newest one should be the one it tries to use.

So double check your Balance History sheet (View menu at top of Google Sheet > Hidden Sheets if you don’t see the tab).

Let me know if you need more help/clarification.