Account renaming

I am going to to break off my main one and start 2024 with a totally new and very different sheet. I’d love to run dual sheets for the last couple of years to make sure my 2024 plan works like I think it will. But account naming has me stuck.

The new sheet will use the same accounts BUT I want them all to have different names. Is there some kind of way I can rename them in the sheet only?

If I rename them now on the console, that will screw up all the former years. I really don’t want to do that. My current sheet of 4 years is already a trash heap of previous account names. I want the new on to be clean and fresh with one name for each account.

But I’m also not wild about waiting until December 31 to do all of this. Is there a work around I’m just not considering?

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The account names are all tied together via the sheets for Transactions, Balance History and Accounts. The Account ID field is shared in Balance History and Accounts. The Account field is shared in all 3 sheets (Hidden Col H in Accounts sheet, not Col A in Accounts sheet), and Account # field is shared in all 3 sheets (Hidden Col I in Accounts sheet).

When you want to rename an account, you need to bring all 3 fields Account, Account ID, and Account # in line with each other on all 3 sheets.

I have done this several times. It’s a little bit time consuming but worth it in my opinion.

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oh thank you, @martha.rudkin - this gives me a doable plan!

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Just to clarify on this, when you change the name on the Console future fills to the sheet will use the new name. So your historical data in the spreadsheets would remain the same @susandennis for data that already exists and only affect new fills.

In general, when you change the account name, if you’re using the Accounts sheet for customizations you would need to re-select the account names on the Accounts sheet (the old names will no longer be valid so it will cause an “invalid data” error on the Account column on the Accounts sheet). That’s the only edit someone would need to make on the Accounts sheet.

If you’re wanting to clean up historical data you’d want to clean it up in the Balance History sheet and the Transactions sheet to make sure all the names are consistent.

The Account ID only comes into play if you have duplicate instances of the same account and you need to merge them.

Note that there is a tool in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to "Repair Balance History and help with fixing names.


gotcha - thanks, heather. I decided to let the old sheet 2023+previous remain a trash heap of account renames. I have the 2024 set up now with the correct names. My plan is to run parallel until Jan 1 (to test out the new categories, get autocat autocatting, etc) then delete all the 2023 stuff and put the previous sheet in the attic.


Hi - very new here, and I am trying to use this thread to make changes to the accounts, especially as I have two separate cards from the same issuing bank that show up exactly the same in payments’ history so I can’t use the Bill Pay Tracker to track both. But, on Accounts (after unhiding the extra columns), if I change anything at all, it blanks out the majority of the hidden field list all the way down and throws a #Ref error. BTW column H is the Last Update Date, not the Account field as @martha.rudkin mentioned. Where DO I make the name change from just “Credit Card” to the actual specific card names?

Hi @DDXdesign

The actual renaning of accounts happens within the console where you link your accounts at

And then the issue that @susandennis has as to why she’s wanting a fresh start is all instances of the former name already within your workbook will need to also be updated using some type of find and replace function in the balance history as well as your transactions sheet if you want everything to match. Which is helpful in the long run. Here’s a guide to doing that which should help you through the process. How to Rename an Account Connected to Tiller | Tiller Help Center

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aha! OK, that’s helpful, thanks.

Exactly. Over the years I’ve tried various schemes - ways to slice and dice my data and, thanks to Tiller, have been able to pare down the number of accounts as well as use others differently.

The result is that the accounts drop down in my sheet is so long, with so many near dupe names that it is just an unholy mess. This won’t happen to smart people :slight_smile:

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