Excel Template - Accounts tab blank

I’ve recently started transitioning to the excel foundations template, because google sheets is awful ;)…I’ve got the foundations template started, the accounts all linked, my transactions are all reconciled, the account balance history is up to date…

but the accounts tab is not showing any accounts. So, the rest of the worksheets just display errors (i.e. balances, monthly budget, etc)

What can I do to get my ‘accounts’ worksheet to pull the actual accounts into the spreadsheet. It seems that the accounts are linked since the balance history and transactions are updating normally.

Any Advice?

@brehm035 Do you see a tab along the bottom called Accounts?
If not, right click on any of the other tabs to bring up a menu, click on Unhide, a box will open showing tabs that are hidden. If you see Accounts if the list, just select it and click OK.

It should now be listed as a tab with the others along the bottom.

Click on the unhidden Accounts tab. It’s just a basic table with four columns; Account, Class Override, Group, and Hide.
They’re all just drop-down list except Group which you can fill in with whatever you want to group similar Accounts together, such as; Cash, Savings, Credit Cards.

Hope that helps

In case I misunderstood, and the sheet is there but blank. Open the Tiller Money Feeds from the ribbon bar, it will open to the right of your spreadsheets.

It will have three heading to choose from; Workbook, Tools, and Settings. Click on Tools.

You’ll see 3 sections to choose from, Click on the arrow next to Manage Templates, that will show a list of the basic Tiller Foundation sheets which you can restore or install.

That should fix the Accounts tab when click restore on that Template.

Sorry for any confusion, to clarify;

The worksheet is there, the columns are there, but the data does not import into the worksheet.

The accounts are linked to the workbook, as the transactions and balance history are updating, however that data is not transferring to the accounts tab. See screenshot below:


@brehm035 The Accounts sheet colimns you show in your screenshot are blank by default:

What do the hidden columns on the Accounts sheet (to the right of column D) look like?

What are some of the error messages you’re seeing on other sheets?

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Not to point out the obvious but no accounts are listed when you select the dropdown on the account column?

@ MarcC

correct, I click the dropdown arrow and nothing happens.


Right of column D is nothing, in my google sheet, these are populated with my account details. Not doing the same thing here:


My Balances Worksheet is pure error, not surprisingly:

@brehm035 What’s in the columns that appear if you mouse over the right edge of the column D header on the Accounts sheet and click the double-arrow button that appears?

Accounts Hidden Cols

Also please confirm which version of Excel you’re using.


Microsoft Excel 2016 MSO (version 2401 Build 16.0.17231.20194) 32-bit

I tried unhiding columns from the “cells” banner option, it didnt unhide anything, however by randomly clicking around colum XFD showed itself and I was able to highlight from edge to edge and unhide. This revealed the following:

It appears that a workbook link is referenced in the account ID column, but this is outside of my understanding of excel. The link appears to be unable to refresh, thats about all I can tell.

The Accounts tab and the accounts that should be on it are fed from the Balance History tab which is by default hidden. Can you unhide the Balance History tab and check if there is any data populated on it?

It appears the problem is that you’re using an older, unsupported version of Excel. The Tiller sheets rely on formulas that aren’t available in older versions. This is what’s causing the #NAME? errors:

Tiller for Microsoft Excel Troubleshooting | Tiller Help Center (tillerhq.com)

Issue: An _xlfn. prefix is displayed in front of a formula - Microsoft Support

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Maybe you can use the free online version of Excel?