New Foundation Worksheet Does Not have an Accounts Sheet (even hidden)

I created a new Google sheet using the Foundation template as part of the process of migration. However, it does not contain an Accounts sheet, even hidden. The Hidden Sheets menu entry is empty. Is that a change, or what else is going on?


That is surprising… and I haven’t seen that behavior before. Are you right clicking on the hamburger icon next to the sheet tab names? Can you send a screenshot of when you click there?

I have messed up the original condition; I added the “Insights” solution from Tiller Money Labs, and it said that I was missing a required sheet, Accounts, and it would create one for me. So I did that, and now I have an empty Accounts sheet.

I haven’t done any customization or migration - should I start over?


The Accounts sheet is usually empty. It’s a place to add overrides to your account feeds. If no overrides are necessary, a blank sheet is fine. Most solutions want it there because there are some hidden calculations that they piggyback on… but those dependent solutions will work fine with an empty Accounts sheet.

TLDR: don’t start over. Sounds like you have resolved the problem.

You’re right, I had found the solution. And, with a look back at the migration guide, I found out how to add the accounts to the sheet for grouping.

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