No accounts showing in Balances or dropdown lists

I sneezed or something and suddenly none of my accounts are showing up in the Balances sheet or the dropdown lists on Account Filter, Accounts sheet, etc. All accounts still show in the console page, and in Connected Accounts in the sidebar. I’m sure I’ve fat-fingered something, but I’m not sure where to start trying to restore things. I have several years of history that I’d prefer not to lose, and I sure don’t want to have to recreate my template from scratch. Appreciate any feedback on potential fixes or ways to recover previous versions of the workbook … something. For that matter, I’m not sure which sheet the validation is looking at, or how to figure that out.

I’m using Google Sheets and started from the Foundation template. I’ve added a few Community Solutions sheets, but nothing lately. Just business-as-usual until today.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

UPDATE: I had intended to sort the Account sheet by description earlier today. Don’t know if that was the culprit or if I fat-fingered something else in the process, bug I was able restore the earlier version of the Account sheet and that solved the problem.

UPDATE 2: Sorting the list after restoring the previous sheet also worked so I’m sure I accidentally deleted something. Moral: Sheet history is your friend in Google Sheets.


Looks like you figured out the version history feature for Sheets! For anybody else who stumbles across this, here are the instructions for recovering your workbook back to a prior state.

For Google Sheets: Find what's changed in a file - Computer - Google Docs Editors Help

For Excel: View previous versions of Office files - Microsoft Support