Accounts Not Showing in Debt Planner Dropdowns

I am currently setting up my debt planning sheet. I had some accounts that were there originally in the drop down and now are not. I went to restore/update the sheet and the accounts still aren’t showing up. They are in my console and connected to the sheet. They show up everywhere but on this spreadsheet. What do I do? It is throwing the sheet and my planning off.

Hi @delaney,

Sorry for the late reply here.

Do these accounts show up on your Balances sheet without issue?

It could be that the feed is not brining in the correct class (asset/liability) and you’ll need to override it using the Accounts sheet. More on that here:

I just helped another user with a similar issue. Have a look at this thread, @delaney.

Another issue we identified is that the dropdowns in column A populate from a query range in O8:O. If you have a ton of accounts in the hidden area in O8:O, it is possible that the available accounts in the dropdown will clip. You can fix this by selecting A8:A and updating the data validation range.

Hope this helps.