Debt Payoff Planner - no accounts in dropdown

I’m trying really hard to set up the Debt Payoff Planner but there are no accounts showing in the dropdown and I can’t figure out what to do. One credit card account, which is linked to the bank account Tiller pulls info from, showed up automatically for some reason. I tried manually typing the other credit cards (which have unique names in my budget’s Categories) but that doesn’t work (data violated rules). All four have been in my Categories and Transactions for months. Where can I find or how can I include my other credit card debts?

just making sure, but are they in your accounts sheet and labeled as liabilities?

We’re using Tiller Template in Google Sheets, and all of our accounts are in the Categories sheet, listed as Expenses (since Income and Transfer are the only two other options). Your reply makes me wonder if there’s another/better way of doing our budget. There’s a lot to learn!

@jdmlmomo I believe @ianhyzy is saying to make sure your Account Sheet (tab) is setup properly with assets and liabilities. Also, check out this link which has some steps to check to make sure the planner is setup correctly:
Planner setup items to check


There’s an “accounts” tab/sheet in your Google Sheets file - it may be hidden by default, click the overflow button at the bottom and see if it’s there:

If you don’t see it for whatever reason, open the Tiller extension, click add Templates, and scroll down - you should be able to add it there:

I’d also recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

We can help you learn Tiller and get things set up!