Manual account missing in the dropdown on the Debt Planner sheet

On the Debt Planner sheet, one of my manual accounts is not showing. It DOES show on the Debt Progress sheet and I have already done the restore of the Debt Planner sheet. In addition, I have restored the Accounts sheet. I’m ready to pull my hair out :slight_smile:

Thanks for following up in the community after today’s Debt Planner webinar, @nikkinisly.

Can you check in the Balance History sheet and confirm that the missing account is set as “Liability” in the Class column?

Also, do you see the account in the dropdown in the Accounts sheet?

Finally, one glitch we have in our tooling is that restoring the Accounts sheet can cause some problems (sorry). If accounts are no longer pulling into the Debt Planner sheet, you may need to restore that (again).

Apparently, I just needed to wait because it’s showing up now :roll_eyes:
For reference though it was set to liability, it was in the accounts dropdown sheet

UPDATE: I was in the Debt Progress sheet not the Debt Planner sheet. It still does not show in the Debt Planner sheet (but does in Accounts and Debt Progress)

@nikkinisly, so you still need help here?

Do you see the account in the dropdown list of the Accounts sheet?

I do still need help. Yes it’s on the accounts sheet in the dropdown.

Just to also confirm, since it sounds like you had previously gotten the Debt Planner confused with the Debt Progress sheet. Did you restore the Debt Planner sheet using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on?

If it’s showing in the Accounts sheet dropdown then I would expect it to be showing in the Debt Planner sheet so I’d recommend trying to restore one more time.

Thanks for your help, Heather. I decided to go ahead and just start an entirely new workbook. I wanted to rename some things and I’m hoping this fixes the issue. Thankfully, I didn’t have a ton in there and I’m just going to start fresh for next month.

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