Savings & Debt Sheet Not Showing Manual Account Balances

I’m a newbie and I’ve searched the forums and watched the webinar video.

I have started working with the Savings & Debt sheet to track my big and small savings goals, but it doesn’t seem to track the manual accounts I have (mainly my companies stock and savings account). Is this a known thing because the manual accounts are different than the Connected accounts?

Thanks for any help!

:wave: @got2liv4him !

Can you double check that you have a category on the Categories sheet for the manual accounts you’re trying to track via the Savings & Debt sheet that are marked as either Savings or Debt in the Track column on the Categories sheet?

I just tested it out and it looks like if you don’t have the category for it that has either of those selected in the Track column on Categories it doesn’t show up as an option in the dropdown on Savings & Debt.

Does that help?

Thanks for the reply! I’m sure I’m just misunderstanding something, but it looks like I have it setup correctly in Categories.

On the Savings & Debt sheet the account shows up in the Savings Account Check box, but the whole balance is unallocated… What am I missing? :thinking:

(I tried uploading screenshots, but it doesn’t seem to let me…)

Never mind… it was because I didn’t have anything budgeted for it this month… Thanks for your time and I’ve really been enjoying Tiller, you have a new subscriber!