Help w/ Savings & Debt Sheet

I posted this same request on an old thread, but never got a reply. I’m on the trial run, but if I can’t get my savings organized in a helpful way (and similar to how I’ve had it), I probably won’t be continuing with Tiller.

Could someone help me understand and fix why the total under the availability column in savings and debt sheet is different than the total in the availability column in the savings budget sheet for the exact same categories?

I would think that Column E (availability) in savings and debt sheet should show the same values for each savings category as Column H (availability) would show in the savings budget sheet.

However, what appears to be happening is the savings and debt sheet seems to be getting its savings category value in column E by adding the value of column H (available) and column E (budget) from the savings budget sheet, but it’s not factoring in the original savings value in column D and therefore shows that I have nearly $2000 unallocated.

What am I missing?

@chris.meyers would you be open to sharing a screenshot of what you’re describing here? It’s really hard to tell what’s going wrong without some sort of visual.

@heather, I would love to share some screenshots with someone who could help, but I’m not comfortable sharing some of that info on a public forum. Is there an option to continue this over email with you or someone else? I’d be happy to share my issues. My savings are still a mess, so I would still love to get some guidance.