Manual Accounts not appearing in Balances sheet

When entering manual accounts (using the “Tiller Money Feeds” sidebar) they randomly stopped showing up in the “Balances” tab. The entries do appear in the “Balance History” and in the Tiller Money Feeds/Manual Accounts dropdown menu but just don’t populate into the “Balances” tab.

I have 47 current manual accounts entered and they all appear on the “Balances” tab fine

I have been on chat diagnosing this and have been through Restoring Sheets and Balances. When I do does not show up the manual accounts but does allow me to delete the entry in the Balance History tab and re-enter the manual account via the Money Feed/Manual Accounts add on. That worked for a few additional accounts but then stopped working and the same problem appeared. The manually entered accounts just won’t show up on the “Balances” tab.

I found another feed that seemed to have the same issue and they asked the below questions, answers next to them

You are using the Tiller Money Labs Net Worth template - Yes

The manual balance change is not reflected in the Net Worth data for that account - Correct

There is name of the manual account is unique in the Balance History sheet - Yes

The manual balance entry in the Balance History sheet has a populated field for the Account ID column - Yes

You inserted the manual balance using the [ Tiller Money Labs add-on ] - Yes

Any help is appreciated

Hi @ben2….welcome to the community!

…just fishing here. I have had issues with the Balances tab that are almost always related to some inconsistencies in how I have assigned (or not, ha!) the accounts to groups. On your Accounts Sheet, do you see all of the accounts you have manually added? (After manually adding an account, you have to go to the Accounts sheet and select them in the drop-down of column A to get them to show up on the Accounts Sheet. Then assign a Group to each.) Do you, by chance, see any cells with red error flags? Are any marked as “Hide” that shouldn’t be hidden?

Whenever my Balances Sheet looks like something’s missing or accounts appear in the uncategorized group, I have fixed the issue by straightening out the Accounts sheet.

Thanks for letting me speculate.

Does this help?

Sometimes the account references in error on the Accounts Sheet need to be refreshed.