Manual Accounts -- naming and not showing up

Hello everyone,
I consider myself a total novice – I’m still overwhelmed with using the Community to find answers – I suppose I don’t have enough depth in the nomenclature, so please just point me to an answer if someone has answered this. I can’t find it.

My wife and I each have a TFSA (an investment account called “Tax free savings account”)
it’s not through my bank, so I create two manual accounts using the Tiller Money Feeds Manual Accounts sidebar.
they show up in my Accounts tab in Tiller with slighly different names. I try to correct them to match the manual account name I created – I’m told the formatting I’m using isn’t permitted in that field.
Uh, ok. Why can’t I call the manual account I just created the same name in my accounts tab?
But then, I update balances using the Tiller Feeds side bar. One of them updates – I see the new balance in the “Balances” tab. The other one, when I’m done updating and go the “Balances” tab, has completely disappeared. Uh, where’d it go?
I think I should just start over, but I don’t know how to delete the manual account, including from the “Accounts” tab.
I just want to update those two manual accounts from time to time and have the updated balance show up in the “Balances” tab.
Any suggestions?
Kind thanks,

Welcome @jkissack :wave:

Sometimes I think the loading of the sidebar causes issues with the manual accounts. The sidebar can take a little while to full load and pull everything from your Balance History sheet (where the manual account balances are being stored).

I’m not completely sure about the first issue where it’s not letting you correct the name in the Accounts sheet, but you should be just using the dropdown menu in column A on Accounts to choose the name vs trying to type anything there.

As for the disappearing account on Balances after using the add-on to update it it might be the loading issues I mentioned.

I’d recommend reviewing the Balance History sheet and make sure all the entries for those manual accounts are using the same Account ID (usually a hidden column). The account ID should start with “manual:” (no quotes). If they’re all using the same Account ID they should appear on the Balances sheet appropriately.

Thank you Heather.
Always to the rescue!
I’ll take your advice thank you.
Kindest, Joel