New Manual Accounts Overwrite Existing Ones

Hi All
I’ve run into an issue with the Manual Accounts feature updating account balances. There seems to be an issue either in my Accounts tab or Balance History tab that’s throwing off the ordering of the hidden columns in the Accounts.

The new balances have stopped updating in the Balances tab, despite there being new balances available in the Balance History tab.

I’ve found that in Accounts, in Column F (Unique Account Identifier) is blank, despite having been initially created - there will be a an Account ID (Col G) Account name (Col F) etc. But the Unique Account Identifier gets deleted.

As I’ve been troubleshooting this, when creating a new manual account, the Account ID in Accounts tab Column G will populate, but the Unique Account Identifier won’t. No name will be available in Column A,

The attached screenshot shows the aftermath of adding a new manual account. The first manual one (manual:411b636e…) is the newest one. When created it’s Unique Account Identifer name wasn’t created.
The last one (manual:e67ba46e…) had a UAI at first, but when Test was created, it overwrote all the info in Col F, H & I.

What’s causing the new accounts to not load in properly to the Accounts tab?

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 5.32.08 PM

:wave: @ajdj!

This is odd, usually we’d recommend you start by first restoring the Accounts sheet and then restoring the Balances sheet to rule out bugs that had already been fixed and deployed or some accidental edit to either of those sheets that broke things.

I’d recommend archiving the Accounts sheet if you’ve made customizations (e.g. set a group or class override) but no need to archive the Balances sheet as it’s just a visualization.

The order of restore is important so do Accounts then Balances.

Let me know if that doesn’t fix it for you.

Hi Heather,

That worked! I must have broken something in the Accounts sheet.

Thanks for your reply.

Glad that helped! :wave: