Unable to update Manual Account Balances

I am trying to update the balance of a manual account. However, when I go to teh extension -manual accounts, none of the accounts show up. Even if I create a new one, it still will not show up to update the balance

Any thoughts

Here is the extension

Here is the balance history showing the newly created manual account

I suspect the Manual Accounts sidebar is pulling it’s information from the “Accounts” sheet. Probably looking in column G for Account ID’s that begin with “manual”, then listing their name from column F (or maybe from Column A after checking if they should be hidden), and getting the last balance from column J. I would think it would be smart enough to know if you added some columns and those column letters changed, but it’s possible it isn’t. In any case, I’d make sure your Accounts sheet is in proper order. Maybe download a blank Foundation Template and compare the columns against what you have.

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Thanks the manual account shows up on the Accounts sheet, just not the Tiller Extension. maybe @randy will know how it works and why I can’t update the balance

Hey @richl,

I just refactored the code that fills that dropdown last week. Maybe I broke it for your use case. It’s possible there is a sidebar crash as the dropdown fills (so it is forever empty).

The column lookups should be dynamic (as @jpfieber suggests)… so extra columns should not be an issue.

It is build to pull from the Accounts sheet first and if it can’t get the data from there, it tries the Balance History sheet second. Do you have an Accounts sheet in your spreadsheet?

Sorry for the hassle.

Yes I have both sheets. When I create a new account it shows up as an available account in the accounts sheet.

So, if I rename the Accounts sheet to something else, the dropdown is filled with the list of accounts. If i name it back to Accounts it breaks again.

So I restored the Accounts sheet from the Tiller add-on and now it works. I compared my old sheet with the new one and see no visible difference. @randy , are you able to explain what the add-on is looking for on the Accounts sheet, its just odd that it would just randomly break.

I’m glad you resolved the issue, @richl.

If there were one thing in Tiller’s data architecture I could do over it would be not using the same account headers— Account, Group & Hide— twice in the Accounts sheet (once in the user-configurable area and once in the hidden lookup table). The redundant header names make lookups a lot more complicated.

In the (new) code, I often look for the first instance of Hide, then start my search for the main data table to the right of that. (That main data table is a really useful summary of all account information.)

Something about your mods must’ve confused that lookup.

The upshot is that when the spreadsheet is properly configured, the dropdown in that sidebar should load 4x faster with the new code since it scans Accounts instead of Balance History (which can be huge as you know :wink:).