Credit card account not showing up in the Tiller Debt Payoff sheet

Hi there,

I haven’t found a solution to this specific problem: in the Tiller Debt Payoff Sheet, columns O-R show all my accounts, but columns B/C are missing 2 of the cards. If I click on the edit button of the column A/B dropdown menu, the data range includes the cells my cards are listed in (O 0-33 and the missing ones are listed in O11 and O15). Two things I notice is these 2 cards have the same automatically assigned account label (namely “CREDIT CARD”, which is also the same for a third card with that label, that does show up successfully. One of the missing cards has a balance of zero.
Both the transactions and accounts tabs (as well as other tabs) show the cards and their balances correctly, they are just not showing up in columns A/B of this payoff sheet.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks!

Hi @mixytrixi , you will need to nickname those cards differently. Please try updating those card names in the Tiller Console by clicking the edit button next the account name and then fill your sheet to get the updated name. Then it should show in the dropdown.

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Thank you so much Twalane, that worked! That is super helpful, much appreciated!