Tiller recognizing credit card balance as asset

New user to tiller here. Just starting to get things setup. Something that seems odd is the credit card I have through my bank is showing the balance owed as an asset as opposed to a liability. Can this be reversed? Or am I setting things up wrong potentially?

I imagine it’s possible, but an easy way to fix this is to go to your Accounts sheet and you can override the class. Set it to liability and that should resolve the issue.

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I dont see an accounts sheet on the sheet anywhere? What am I missing?

It’s probably hidden.
Click on the bottom left and you should see all your worksheets.

That was it! thanks. Though none of the other accounts I tagged to be added to this sheet show up anywhere. So all the credit card accounts I linked after initially starting the sheet with just my bank account dont show up at all. Any insight?

Edit: I found where I can pull them in.

Perfect! BTW, once you’re using the override, you might want to group them, so your balance sheet looks nice. I have my accounts grouped by high interest/low interest/shouldn’t have a balance, etc.