Balance History sheet - Type and Class showing up blank for one of my accounts

Hi there Tiller community! Looking for some help. Every day when I open the Balance History page, for one of my accounts the Type and Class cells are blank but the rest of my accounts are populating with the correct type and class. The only solution I know of right now is to manually type Credit and Liability into these cells, but I am thinking there must be a way to fix this so it automatically imports with a the correct type and class for this account since all of my other accounts are populating just fine. I tried using the class override in the Accounts sheet, but that did not seem to fix the issue because the Credit and Liability cells were blank when the next account balance row populated for this account.


:wave:, @corycannonanderson!

Sorry for the delayed reply here.

If the data isn’t being fed into the Balance History sheet with the right labels that is likely an issue with the feed coming directly from our data provider. You can reach out to with the specifics on the name of the account, institution, last four digits as they appear under Account Summary on the Tiller Console and we can try and get the feed issue resolved.

The override option on the Accounts sheet will work for how it displays on the Balances sheet (asset/liability) but it won’t fix the feed. Balance History is a source/core data sheet that many of the other sheets pull from.


Got it. Thank you for the info and the reply Heather!