Mortgage balance incorrectly reported as a negative number


I recently noticed that the balance of my mortgage with Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is being reported as positive number in the Balance History in Tiller. This apparently began some time after 2021-08-23, since before that, the balance was always reported as positive number. After that, the balance always comes in as a negative number. However, the balances for all of my other liability accounts continue to be reported as positive numbers. (Personally, I’d prefer all liability accounts always be reported as negative numbers, but the inconsistency here is much worse than the positive numbers.)

Has anyone else noticed loan balances being reported as negative numbers? Is there any way to fix this without having to manually change the balance in the sheet every time Tiller loads transactions?

I have something similar with my Samsung Credit account. What I did was unhide the “accounts” sheet and then did an override and set it to “liability” Hopefully this should work for you.

Hi yossiea, thanks for the suggestion. For me, the account is already marked as a Liability; all of the entries for this account on the Balance History sheet correctly show “Liability” in the Class column.

Starting with the balance history row on 10/25/2021, the Balance column value was suddenly negative. All prior rows were positive. The absolute value of the balance is still correct for all rows; just the sign got flipped starting then.

This seems like a a classic data ingestion bug in the software that gets the balances or loads them into the sheet. It’ll be really annoying to have to create a separate, intermediate sheet for Balance History that corrects the balances, and then update everything else (and I have a lot) to use that instead.