How show a balance of $0 for an account that has been closed

I have a mortgage that I paid off (so the balance is now $0). But the bank doesn’t show a $0 balance; it simply removed the mortgage from the account. So Tiller now encounters an error when trying to update that mortgage account, and Tiller still shows the outdated mortgage balance before the payoff.

I know that I can delete the mortgage from my Tiller account or remove it from my spreadsheet, but I don’t want to lose the account history. How can I force my spreadsheet to show a $0 balance for this mortgage, and how can I get Tiller to stop trying to update the account?

I’m using the Tiller Foundations and this is how I would accomplish it. Keep in mind, I’m not a tiller expert, but I know you can ‘unlink’ an account via the tiller feed and it does not delete the existing transactions. You can then unhide the ‘balance history’ sheet and add a custom row to the balance history to represent your 0 dollar balance in your mortgage account. Copy the information from the last mortgage balance so it’s using the details like account ID and and simply edit the balances, date, week of and month of information. Make sure to create a test copy or backup of your current information before making edits like this to ensure it doesn’t have any unexpected impacts that can’t be undone!

@xlengthy, thank you! This is spot on. I would make same recommendation too except I wouldn’t worry about making a back up - Google Sheets has a version history so easy to revert if it did mess anything up. The keys are

  • Insert the row for the updated balance above row 2 (right click row number to insert a row)
  • Copy the data over exactly - Account ID is very important in sheets after 8/26/19, not so important in sheets created before 8/26/19, which rely on Index number instead so you may need to make sure the index number is consistent between the last automated entry and your last manual entry to reflect $0.
  • Some columns may be hidden in the Balance History sheet. The Balance History sheet is hidden by default in most templates. Click the four horizontal lines in the lower left to view/unhide.

If the error for the account that’s closed is bothersome you can remove it from the Account Summary on the Tiller Console by clicking the gear icon and then choosing “remove account” - it will remove the data associated so if you ever think you’d want to be able to pull in the historical data into a new/different sheet in the future, I don’t recommend removing it.