Entering a Settlement

I ran into financial trouble early into the pandemic and was forced to settle a credit card account. After several years, I made the final payment and the account is now considered settled.
The account fed into my Tiller and shows a balance. The credit card company also shows a balance but it is considered settled.
I want to adjust my Tiller to show a ‘0’ on the account and I am having difficulty. While I have unchecked the account from my feeds, I can’t figure out how to adjust the account balance to ‘0.’

I thought I could just add a manual entry for the account. It had no effect on the account balance. There used to be an ‘adjust balance’ checkbox on the old way of manually adding an entry, but that option no longer appears.

I also tried to copy a previous transaction from the account and edit it. That also had no effect on the account balance.

So I’m a bit confused. How do I ‘force’ an account balance to zero?

Look on the Balance History sheet for the last dated transaction for that account. You can change that to $0 or copy/paste that line and make that new entry $0 using the date that the account was paid off. You want the most recent date in Balance History to be the one that shows $0 for the account. Because you are no longer letting Tiller pull balances for the account, it should not revert back to the old balance.

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Yes. @martha.rudkin is spot on with this solution. Were you able to get it to work, @terry?

It did, and thank you! I forgot about that sheet because I started fresh at the beginning of the year and it was hidden by default - out of sight, out of mind :wink: I appreciate you -