Manual transaction not updating account balances

I created a couple of manual transactions to reflect pending transactions on my linked bank accounts, but these transactions are not updating in account balances.
Am I doing something wrong???
I’m also very new to this so please forgive my stupidity…

Transactions and balances are completely separate, each is pulled from the account but are put on separate sheets (‘Transactions’ and '‘Balance History’ which feeds the ‘Balances’ sheet). Adding a transaction doesn’t affect your ‘Balance’ sheet. Some templates and reports may calculate balances based on transactions, so those may be affected by your manually entered transactions.


Yeah I have a credit card that transactions are never pulled but the balance is updated with a number that I have no idea where it comes from because it is not close to being correct.

As @jpfieber notes, transactions and balances are only coupled through the data Tiller receives from your bank. They are not connected in your spreadsheet.

Most people use the manual transaction workflows either to:

  • Create transactions for unlinked accounts that conform to Tiller’s data conventions
  • Input pending transactions for linked accounts (e.g. a check you write) that can later be reconciled with Tiller feeds data

For unlinked accounts, the manual-transaction workflow will offer to create a manual balance entry.

If you are concerned about the data coming in for a linked credit card, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

Hi Randy, the support team worked on this for a long time and never was able to fix it so I just gave up and started entering the transactions manually. Not a problem I just don’t use that card much because of this. I just can’t understand where it gets its balance. At the end of the month when I review the months transactions I usually manually change it in balance history but as soon as an update runs it comes updates it with some incorrect number.

Hi @tillerjb39, it sounds like you are manually entering your transactions for that credit card account and also manually entering the balance in Balance History.

It sounds like you still have the credit card account linked to your spreadsheet. If you are manually entering the information for both transactions and balance history I would recommend unlinking that credit card account from your spreadsheet so that it doesn’t continue to add the wrong balance.

And as Randy said, you can still continue to work with the CS team to get the account fixed in the mean time. But the important thing is to unlink that account at this point if you are going to enter the transactions and balance history information manually.