Copy & Paste Transactions - Balances Not Updating

I copied transactions that did not import from my bank at the end of the transaction tab. Copied the format everything looks correct but they do not affect any of my other balances in my other tabs.

If your bank is not a manual import, then make sure that those transactions are posted. If they didn’t post yet, you might get duplicates when Tiller does import them.
If it’s for a manual bank you can add transactions manually using the tool, there is a process to do so, and there is also a CSV importer. What you can do now is go to the Balance History sheet and add a row for your bank. That then goes to the other tabs.


@calvinsears Are you trying to add transaction history beyond the initial 90 days that Tiller pulls automatically? Keep in mind that balances are not derived from the Transactions sheet. Only the Balance History sheet that @yossiea mentioned is used to set account balances. You can add rows as he mentioned at whatever interval you prefer to capture that balance history. The most recent row for a given account based on date and time is what will be reflected in the Balances sheet.


Hi @calvinsears: Recall in Tiller, the import of transactions and the import of balances are separate, unrelated data points. Within Tiller, the addition of transactions doesn’t change the balances of accounts. As @yossiea and @cculber2 note, the balances in Tiller are derived from the latest entries on the Balance History tabs.