Advice on missing transactions

There is a problem with getting transactions from one of our banks; the balance updates correctly, but just not getting transactions. Tiller is aware, and I think the issue is with the bank, and not Tiller.

Having said that, it is now difficult to track our expenses and income, as we are not getting 25% of our transactions. So my question is…how would you handle this?

I could grab the data from the bank and manually add it to the Transactions sheet…but I don’t know if that will break anything. I could set the account column to “manual import” so that I could delete them all in case the transactions start showing up.

One other thought would be to use mr_signal add-in. But then I would have to add them one at a time, instead of just adding in 14 days worth.


I think if the balances are updating correctly, then just inserting the transactions manually might be the best option. I’d just add a tag to remember to fix it if the transactions ever come through automatically so you’re never double counting.
You shouldn’t have an issue with the balances updating because the transaction sheet does not update the balance sheet.

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Two of my account have had issues where no transactions will download for ~2 weeks, then all of a sudden they’ll all show up at once. Thankfully I don’t do a ton of transactions on those accounts, so I’ve manually added the transactions, then when the new ones show up, find those manually added ones and delete them. Sounds like you have a bunch of transactions, so using the importer may be your best bet. You should use one of the account/statement reconciliation templates to make sure you’re not ending up with duplicate transactions. As @yossiea mentioned, modifying your transactions won’t have an effect on your Balance sheet, they are separate imports with separate histories.