Only downloads about 40% of my transactions

New user. I was excited about this, but so far it is giving me highly incorrect information, not usable. I am missing about 60% of my transactions. Also the filters do not filter (at the top of the table).

When you says 60% of your transactions are missing, is this longer historical data, or more recent?
check to see if there’s an outage on this site Using the Institution Alert Dashboard | Tiller Help Center as some sites have more issues than others. if it’s a bank that isn’t on that page do contact the support team
And what do you mean by incorrect information?

I’ve been using Tiller for about 3 months and still have issues with getting correct, non-duplicated transactions. The support team is working the issues, but they are not staffed to help everyone that is coming from mint. I never imagined mine still wouldn’t be fixed by the end of 2023.

As for filters, it took me a while to get the hang of filters in Google Sheets because they work WAY differently than filters in Excel.

Hi @kintx thanks for your feedback here. Your issue with duplicates has been escalated to our data provider (a 3rd party) so the resolution timeline is completely out of our hands. Our current support staffing capacity is a very minimal factor in the resolution of that issue. We try to set expectations clearly when we have to escalate an issue to our data provider about the time to resolution so I apologize for any confusion or lack of clarity that it might take a while (6-8 weeks on average) for them to resolve the issue. We’re not satisfied with that lengthy time to resolution either so we’re evaluating additional data aggregator partners in hopes they’ll have a better support experience.