Labs manual transaction balance not changing

I’ve added the manual transactions lab and entered a few manual transactions. In each transaction I’ve selected the appropriate account from which to pay.

However, I don’t see a change in the account balances on the 'Balances" sheet for that account. Is there an additional sheet I need to add to see future balances or something I’m missing

@Phssthpok. The manual transactions work independently of the Balances Sheet. The manual balances are being updated via the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar workflow rather than by data being added to the Transactions sheet. These data sources are separate, and not linked in any way. If you are also manually tracking transactions you’ll need to update the balance of a manually tracked account via the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to reflect the new balance after you’ve added the transactions to the Transactions sheet.

Thanks Warren. So even using the Tiller Lab manual transaction feature, there’s no way to have those manual transaction reflect the balance?

For example, I know I’m making a $10k payment from my checking account later in the month. Being able to enter that payment and have it reflected in a balance somewhere would be hugely beneficial.

I thought that was the purpose of the manual transaction and reconciliation tool but clearly I’m confused.

I do something similar with manual transactions combined with an altered version of the “Statements” pages to project future balances. I’ll put together a sample to share.

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Here’s a link to my workflow for generated projected balances:

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