Tiller Labs Roundup 7/24/20 - Update Balance with Manual Transactions

Our Tiller Money Labs team is working to keep you efficient, inspired, and enabled with financial templates, tools and workflows. In our Tiller Labs Roundups, we keep you updated on our latest features and sheets.

This brief update covers one simple but compelling new Tiller Money Labs addition. It’s a feature we added in response to a customer request during a recent Tiller Money Live: Community webinar.

Update Manual Account Balance When Adding a Transaction

You’ve been able to add manual (non-feeds) account balances using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. You’ve been able to add manual (non-feeds) transactions using the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

Wouldn’t it be nice though if your manual-account balance updated when you added a manual transaction?

We now have these two workflows integrated in the Add Manual Transaction workflow in Tiller Money Labs.

When updating non-feeds/manual accounts with new transactions, a new Update balance in Balance History checkbox will appear. When checked, this option will add not only the new manual transaction, but also a balance entry to Balance History that updates the last balance by the incoming manual transaction’s amount.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think!


Have you all had any reports of the balance updates working sporadically with this feature? I’ve got two separate sheets and in both sometimes the balance doesn’t update when I check the update box. Also, I have had it happen that after it initially looks like the balance updates, when I come back another day, the transaction is in the transaction sheet, but it’s effect on the balance has disappeared. It’s great when it works, but I’ve had some issues. I’ve got a screen capture of what happens, but it won’t let me update a video.

@batonking ,

Can you double check the Balance History sheet and make sure the manual account’s Account ID is properly populated there? The manual ID is something the Tiller Money Feeds add-on generates and when the labs add-on adds a transaction and you check the box it should also be re-using this same Account ID.

You can filter the Balance History sheet to narrow down the entries there and just look at the manual account in question.