Adding monthly manual deposit transactions to pay down a credit card

I added a credit card manually and then started adding the payments made on monthly basis to the card using Tiller Money Labs. Sometimes the payment added to the balance and sometimes it did nothing. What is wrong?

Until about a week ago, adding a manual transaction using the Tiller Money Labs add-on did not update a manual account balance. I just published a new option in the add manual transaction workflow where manual account balances can be updated (when writing new manual transactions) when a checkbox is clicked at the bottom of the sidebar.

It sounds like you are already using this new feature, @kttns12441?

If you are not seeing the balance updated, the two most likely reasons are either:

  • You are not always checking the checkbox
  • (Since this feature is so new,) there is a bug in the new functionality

If you are sure you are checking the checkbox and you are not seeing a new balance row at the top of your Balance History, I’d love to hear more so I can fix the bug.