Updating the Balance of a Formerly Linked Account

I had a credit card that was originally set up as a linked account, but over the last few months, Tiller stopped getting the balances for some reason. I’d get an error it couldn’t connect and unlinking and attempting to relink did not work.

I paid off that card recently, and I’m trying to update the balance. I tried to simply copy the last repayment row into a new row and added the payoff amount. That did not work.

I’m lost on how I can get this account to zero.

  • There is no option to update the balance when I open that feature in the extension.
  • It is no longer listed when I log into my account on the Tiller website and look at my accounts

Does anyone have any other ideas?

On the Balance History sheet, create an entry with a $0 balance for that account. You can change the last one that Tiller downloaded, or copy that one and paste it in. Make sure that the most recent date is the $0 balance entry.

Yes, what @martha.rudkin said – if you’ve never seen the Balance History sheet, it’s likely a hidden tab – hit the “hamburger” menu tab at the bottom left of your sheet, and click on Balance History to unhide that sheet.

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Also, if you are closing this account with a zeroed account balance, I use the today formula for the date in order to always have it up to date in the balances sheet, (the last updated date) however you may want a duplicate zero balance at the time you closed it so that you have that record.

You have all been wonderful. I didn’t know about the hidden balance history and now that makes a lot of sense. Thank you and those titles of ‘super hero’ are more than appropriate.