Change balance manually for an account that has been closed and unlinked?

My bank changed their credit card provider and issued a new account number. I had to manually add the new account and download transactions as my bank isn’t well supported by Yodlee yet.

I’m trying to set the old card balance to zero but keep getting a #REF error. How can I do this without losing all the transactions? I don’t really need to see the old card in the Balances sheet but if it needs to be there to keep the transactions, I at least want to set the balance to $0

You could set the balance to zero by adding in a dummy transaction. Like if the balance is now 6. Just add a transaction for -6 and set the category as transfer. Sorry for the misdirection, glad to see you got the right answer.

The way I handled dead accounts who’s transactions I need to keep in play, is that I regroup them. I created a group called ZDead (the z part is so it will be at the bottom of the balance page) and then I go to the accounts sheet and add the dead accounts that group.

I tried doing that but it doesn’t change the balance at all. I also tried using the “Reconciliation Wizard” which says I have one “Unreconciled transaction found in your Transactions sheet” and asks if I would like to reconcile it now but there is no actionable link or button to do that. Just a “Search for Matches” button and a Back button.

I don’t want to create a superfluous group as a hack. I just want to set the balance to zero or remove it from the Balances sheet without deleting past transactions. Seems like basic functionality, but obviously the balance is connected to some function I’m not finding/understanding.

go to balance history tab, find last balance entry for old account, create row above it, copy row below empty row to empty row, change date by one day, and enter zero in balance column.


Thank you! That worked. I had the Balance History tab hidden and forgot it existed. I appreciate the help.

you are welcome…

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