Unlink account and convert to manual update moving forward

I would like to unlink a couple of my accounts that I just want periodic balance updates for and then manually update moving forward. What is the best way to do this and keep the record seamless moving forward when it is unlinked and manually updated?

Hi @patrick.ryan.rudy,

You’d want to first create the manual account in your spreadsheet.

Assuming you’re using Google Sheets, you can do this with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on > Manual accounts.

If you’re using Microsoft Excel you’d want to first manually add the account to the Balance History sheet by inserting a row and filling in the columns and being sure to use an Account ID that starts with manual: so when we release this feature for Excel it’ll pick up your manual entries there too.

Then you’d want to follow the steps in the guide below on how to clean up duplicated accounts, specifically the steps for cleaning up the Balance History sheet, in your spreadsheet and be sure to use the manual Account ID that the add-on creates for all your historical entries. Then it will appear as a single account and all the “history” will be associated with the manual account.

Don’t forget to unlink the account from the sheet so you don’t get future entries automated into the sheet.

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Wouldn’t it be better to just uncheck the account from the spreadsheet and then just insert a new row into Balance History with the account? In this case, you will add the balance “manually” for a linked account that is CURRENTLY not being linked. In the future, if he decides to relink with balances/transactions, all he has to do is go to “Connected Accounts” in sheets and checkbox and it should still come in without any fuss.

@yossiea you could do it that way for sure, the only draw back is every time you want to update the balance you’d need to go and insert a new row in Balance History and update the date, amount, month, and week.

The advantage of the method I suggested is that you can make the updates in the UI and it inserts the row for you. Less likely to damage the Balance History sheet that way. I’ve seen people mangle it trying to insert rows manually.