Adding Manual Non-Linked Accounts to Tiller Excel

Looking for a way to add manual accounts (non-linkable) to the Excel template, similar to what you can do within the Google Sheets version.

Good question, @jcntn52.
The short answer is that that feature isn’t available yet in the add-in.

But two pieces of good news:

  1. We have this feature prioritized on our tactical product plan and will start work on it soon.
  2. Since we’re working in spreadsheets, it is really easy to do this manually. Most of the fields are self explanatory. To follow the convention of the Google Sheets add-on, create unique Account Id starting with “manual:” and be sure to reuse that whenever you create subsequent records for the manual account.

Not sure I follow #2 piece of good news. Tried adding an account “manual: xxx” to the Accounts Tab within the Account column, but when trying to exit that cell I get an error message stating that “this value does not match data validation restrictions defined for this cell”. Is #2 just something that is being worked on as mentioned in #1 or am I just missing something within this?

Here’s what I would do, and I just checked my Excel and think this would work.
The Account sheet is fed by the Balance History sheet, so that is where you would put in your manual account’s balance for the day.
Then, in Transactions you can put in the details, and for account, use the same ID (manual:xxxx) as you put in Balance History.

To verify, after you put in the account in Balance History, the account should show up in Account sheet.

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Took me a few iterations to get everything where it should be. to be clear, the account name “Manual: ???” is placed under the Account ID field in the Balance History sheet. It works. I’ll try adding manual transactions to see the process, but this seems to be what I was looking for. Thanks.

You got it. Glad it worked!

Sorry to not be more clear, @jcntn52— yes… add to the Balance History sheet since that feeds the Accounts sheet. (I’ve been doing this for long enough that I sometimes just assume things— like which sheets to add data to— that aren’t obvious.)

It is best to exactly match the Account Id convention: “manual:5d4ba211ccc54d001f7d47ce”. Note that “manual” is lower case and there are no spaces. (Adhering to this isn’t essential for functionality but will make the data appear standardized once the sidebar UX is available.)

You can enrich accounts in the Accounts sheet once they are first added to Balance History.

I am looking at the balances sheet but do not see how/where I would insert all the account info.

Don’t add anything to the balance sheet (unless once you’re done you want to override). You need to make your update to the Balance History sheet. That sheet might be hidden though.

So there are 3 sheets: Balances, Accounts, Balance History. I would add manual accounts to Balance History and it would feed everything else? What if I want to customize account fields? Would I add those in Accounts?

I will try to find that hidden sheet.

Right click on a sheet tab and then take the ‘unhide’ option.

Thanks, I am looking at balance history now and have a couple of questions.

  1. I see the column Balance ID. How is that used vs Account ID.

  2. For the column “Type” How is that populated?

Thanks for all the help!!

Also, how do I insert a row in balance history?

You can insert in the row below the last entry or highlight a row and use the INSERT key.

Thanks, I did it and I see that the balances tab is updated but the new accounts are not grouped. The accounts tab has not changed. how do I update the accounts tab and the account group?

You will need to add each account manually. There is a drop down on the first column to choose each acct that is in the balance history. Then mark it as an asset or expense in the next column, and then in the third column create your grouping names. Once completed your accounts will show up on the balances tab grouped and totaled.

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