Include worksheet with inventory of collectibles as manual account in balances tab

I’ve tried searching for a solution for this but haven’t found it yet. I see the small asset tracker for Google Sheets which is close but not what I need (and I don’t use Sheets).

I am building a new worksheet in my Tiller Excel workbook to track all of my collectibles, the cost, the value and other data about them I’d like to track. I may categorize the collectibles as well so that I can have subtotals by category. My ultimate goal is to include everything I track on this new sheet as one or more manual accounts in my Tiller data.

I can’t find any information on how to create or update a manual account outside of the Tiller add-in. Using the tool to create the manual account initially is not a big issue, but I really need to be able to have the value of the manual account update automatically based on the subtotals pulled from my collectible tracking sheet.

I don’t need help with building the tracking sheet as I can do that myself. I just need a method for (i) updating the value of a manual account based on data in another sheet in the worksheet and (ii) if possible, creating manual accounts without using the Tiller add-in tool.

Here are the steps to address your second inquiry (creating manual account w/o add-in) This was our recommend workflow before the Manual Accounts tool was created in Excel.

  1. Unhide the Balance History sheet. Right click any tab along the bottom and choose “unhide” then select the Balance History sheet from the dialog and click OK.
  2. Right click on row 3 and choose “Insert” - inserting at row 2 will copy the header formatting (blue) from row 1.
  3. Type in the manual account’s details (i.e. name, account #, institution, balance, etc)
  4. Assign a unique Account ID to the manual account. We recommend prepending it with “manual:” (e.g. manual:1234556677)
  5. You will need to use this same unique Account ID each time you insert a new row to add an updated entry for the account’s balance.

Great, thanks! I had tracked the cell references in the formulas back to that hidden sheet, but was not sure what would happen if I added entries without an entry in the Balance ID column and wasn’t sure how that was generated. Coming up with a way to automatically add an entry based on changes to my underlying tracking sheet will be more complicated.