Deleting Manual Account

Hi Team,

I have a manual retirement account I have been using.

Today, I decided to link the account so I don’t need it to update it manually.

How do I get rid of the manual account? I made it 0 so it didn’t screw up my net worth, but it still shows up as a manual account!

Thanks friends!


Here is a good article that I think would help in deleting your manual account. Essentially, you will need to delete the rows associated with the manual account from the balance history tab. The article below goes into detail on how to do this.

Are you intent on keeping the history (you created manually), @brandonscottgardner? Or do you just want it gone?

Ideally, I just want it gone!

In that case, I would go to your Balance history sheet, filter on the account, and delete all rows.If you created any overrides on the Accounts sheet, you may also want to delete those entries as well.

I think I need some help with where the balance history is? I see my balance tab, but when I delete it there, it doesn’t delete everywhere else. Any thoughts?

Ah! Nevermind! I got it. Thank you all! :slight_smile:

100% the best product out there!