Linked accounts not syncing with spreadsheet

Probably a dumb question that has been addressed before but I’m a newbie and couldn’t find it in a search. I just linked two of our bank accounts. The first one is showing up in the “My Tiller Feeds” section of the spreadsheet but the second one is not. How do I get the spreadsheet to sync with the second account? (Asking before I link more of our accounts.) TIA!

First thing I’d try: If you look in the connected accounts section of the Money Feeds add-on, you should be able to see the bank and then a dropdown that shows all of the specific accounts. Are all of the accounts checked?

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Another related thing to check is if both accounts are from the same institution e.g. Chase but have different user logins, there will be two separate sections in your Tiller Console with Chase accounts. You’ll need to be sure to check off the accounts from both users that you want in your feed. I also recommend giving the accounts unique names instead of the defaults as the duplicate names can otherwise create confusion or potential issues in your Tiller spreadsheet.

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Hmm. Ok. Basic question: in the Tiller Console, have you checked all of the appropriate accounts and clicked refresh? Getting stuff in your spreadsheet is a two-step process: refresh and then fill.

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I also looked at the introductory video and it says:

  1. Open your Google Sheet

  2. Open the Extensions menu at the top of the Google Sheet

  3. Choose Tiller Money Feeds (near the bottom of the Extensions menu) > Fill sheets (sign in if necessary)

    1. Note: the Fill sheets and other menu items may take a few seconds to load under Tiller Money Feeds

So I tried to follow that but on the linked spreadsheet I am not seeing the line that includes “Extensions.” In the video they show the name of the spreadsheet at the top and then a line below that has “File,” “Edit,” “View,” “Insert,” “Format,” “Data,” “Tools ,” “Extensions,” etc. I am not seeing that line, I’m only seeing the normal Excel ribbon with “Home,” “Insert,” “Draw,” etc. Maybe I somehow hid that line at some point?

Is it possible you’re using the Google Sheets instructions but are working in Microsoft Excel, @jayfram1?

I may be having a similar, but possibly related issue. I have a linked account, and it is checked…I refresh and then hit fill…and the balance updates…but none of the transactions are loading. Is it a link thing…or is it a me thing.

Thanks all of you for helping out all us newbs…

It sounds like perhaps the connection is not working well and we’re not able to pull in transactions. I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at during office hours (M-F 8AM - 6PM ET) - the support team is best equipped to help with bank connection type issues.

pretty sure it is working now…

Had to wait a few days. balances seem to sync near real time…but transaction data seems delayed by a day or so.