Amount for an account on the Balance worksheet doesn't match account balance

Amount shown for one of my accounts on main interface (recently updated) is roughly $20K. The BALANCE worksheet lists the account but shows a balance of $0. The amount shown on the Balance History sheet is showing $0 for the last few days. How can I resolve this?

Just to double-check, have you also done a “Fill” to fill the sheets with the refreshed data?

Yes, I have launched and filled with all balances and transactions.

If you’re using Excel, there are known fill related issues right now. Just something to be aware of, even if you don’t see the same error message.

Otherwise, you may need to contact help via the Tiller Console.

Try deleting out all the records for that account from the Balance History tab, then hit “Fill”. That might help force Tiller to bring in the updated balance. Does that work?