Incorrect balance

I’ve been using Tiller for about 2 years now and haven’t run into this before. It seems like my balances aren’t updating correctly from feed data. I made transfer deposits of the same amount to my checking account from the same source and it seems like the two I made on the same day didn’t show up in the balance. Although, it is in the transaction log.

Looking at the balance history sheet, it got the balance right once, then overwrote it with the wrong balance the next time. Wrong balance is 6,073.51.

How can I correct this? Or will it correct itself?

Just to update this, this hasn’t corrected itself. It is still showing the wrong balance.

That has happened to me a couple of times with my BECU checking account (and not any other account at BECU or anywhere else). The old balance overrides the new one. So weird.

My personal, highly technical/sophisticated, fix is to delete the latest and incorrect row in the balance history. So far it’s fixed the problem and not made others.

Thanks! I was just in the process of doing that, after backing up my sheet and it seems to have worked. I wasn’t sure if I would mess anything up doing that. I guess not!

Problem solved!

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Thanks for sharing this @kingsdotter and for offering a solution @susandennis - we’re not 100% why this happens but I think it’s a timing issue of some sort?