Sheet and Console not in agreement for Balance

Hi folks,

I’ve reached out to support but I’m curious if the community has some input here. I start my Tiller mornings always the same way:

  1. Go to the console and manually refresh and save every account.
  2. Go to the sheet and fill the data to get the new balances and transactions.

I use this to ensure I have accurate balances because, early in each month, I have a little calculator that shows me what our checking balance will be when I pay off all the credit cards balances.

This morning I had a feeling and double checked the balances before I paid the second card - and I’m glad I did. The sheet balance for the primary checking account is different from the console balance (which is accurate).

I’ve tried logging into the account and refreshing from the Sheet, I’ve ensured there are no errors on the console, I’ve looked at the balances (hidden) sheet - and the balance is incorrect there. But other balances from the same bank are working just fine.

So… anyone have some suggestions here?

TLDR: Console and bank have accurate balance, Tiller Sheet does not have accurate balance for the account. No account numbers have changed.

Hi. There’s a recent thread on this same topic with some suggestions of things to check in your balance history as well as some indication that this might be associated with some banks that have recently adopted Open Banking.


Okay thank you - the answer was in the comment thread there for a fix. Cause is still unknown but it was due to a duplicate entry in the balance history page.

If others find this:

  1. Go to balance history.
  2. Look for the account.
  3. Delete any duplicates of that account that are on the same day and do not match the accurate balance from your bank.

I did have this happen again today. It happened with my Mortgage account, of all things. Two entries right after each other with the “older” value slightly newer than the correct, newest value. Deleting that line from the Balance History solved it though.