Why is Tiller Console balance correct but not in (just filled) spreadsheets

I’ve been seeing something interesting. Some of my accounts update their balance reports even based on pending charges. That’s fine, and that’s reflected in the balance showed in my Tiller Console for an account. But then I can go immediately to a spreadsheet that reports the balance, fill it with the most recent data, and it doesn’t show the same balance. I think it just doesn’t count the pending charges. But it’s really weird to me that there would be a difference between the Tiller Console balance and the balance in the sheet.

I’ve noticed the same balance differences in some of my Fidelity accounts since the Open Banking change on them. It’s not all the accounts and it’s not every day, but the console balance shown is sometimes not matching the information in Balance History. These accounts would not have pending activity (like a credit card), but I don’t know what is causing the difference.

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Just put in a ticket to Support for this very issue. This is something that just started happening for me about a week or two now.
In my case, pending charges have nothing to do with it. Tiller Console reflects the true balance with no pending charges.
Fill Sheets still shows the outdated balance…but pulls in all updated transactions.
Lastly, this seems to only happen with my checking account balance, but all other balances always update with no issue.
If Support gives me any additional info, I’ll report back here.


Yes. As @folman recommends, please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/.

Feeds are loaded essentially in three steps:

  1. Yodlee queries your accounts.
  2. Tiller queries the Yodlee database.
  3. Tiller fills from our database into your spreadsheets.

The Console data is up to date after step 2. So it is possible that the Console can be more up to date than your spreadsheets.

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Update with no news to report as of yet…

Support asked me for screenshots, but since the problem fixes itself after 24 hours I’ve had no tangible evidence to share so I’ll wait for the next time it happens.

How long have you found this delay to last? ex Console: 24 hours ahead?

I really couldn’t say. It’s such an intermittent problem. And I haven’t really kept track.

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Agreed with @ecarl65 , it’s an intermittent problem that became a problem for me approximately 2-3 weeks ago.
Issue corrects itself typically the next day.
I’m waiting for it to happen again so I can take screenshots and send to support.
So far, so good this past week though.

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@folman @ecarl65 if you see this happen again, open your Balance History sheet and see if there is a more updated balance that somehow has a newer date than the correct balance or perhaps even the same date. Sometimes I’ve seen the Balances sheet show the wrong balance because it’s looking for the newest balance and sometimes the date/time stamp is wrong on the balance so it doesn’t pull the actual newest balance. I don’t know why this happens but have seen it in some support cases.

I noticed this happening today and it is as you said. The Balance History sheet shows two entries, with the correct one below the “older,” incorrect one that still has the right date.

Can I just delete the incorrect balance line?

Yes, you can just delete the incorrect one. We have seen this with Fidelity so far (maybe other institutions as well) after the open banking change. We’ve filed one request with them to see if they can figure out what’s going on.

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I’m seeing this lag in updating now, but no sign of mis-ordered balance history entries and no pending transactions. I’ll file a support ticket now and take screenshots of anything that seems related.

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  • I am continuing to have the same problem in my Fidelity accounts. Account history has 2 entries for the same account. Everything is identical except the Balance ID and the actual balance. This is happening on multiple Fidelity accounts.

I recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/, @dave.behmer, as @taxnerd has done. They will help get your feeds working properly.

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