Closed account(s) showing up as "Active" in the tillerhq console. No way to tell the console that they are no longer active

I have searched the forum, but I have only found a few very old discussions on similar topics that didn’t lead to much, so I try to start a new conversation to see if there has been any update about this.

I apologize if this is not the perfect section for this topic. It could have fit in several different ones, like Feature Request, or Discussion … if an admin is able to move it and thinks it necessary, that would be totally fine.

I have been reorganizing my finances lately, after a few months using Tiller, and now I have closed a couple of accounts that were open when I first set up my tiller system.

  • Those accounts do not exist anymore at all on the website of their respective banks (BofA and Wealthfront, Fidelity), but …
  • they still show up as “Active” in the tillerhq console, and …
  • every time I update/resync that institution (I still have other accounts open with them) the closed account get somehow updated as well (a new balance is tagged to today’s date) and the balance value is stuck at the balance that was there at the time I closed them

This is causing issues with my net worth tracking, because when I closed those accounts I moved money away, and the fact that at every sync the get a new timestamp that make the spreadsheet thinks that they are still active and holding duplicated money is very inconvenient.


  • I unlinked said accounts from the spreadsheet
  • I manually created an entry in the Balance History of those accounts on the closing date, setting the balance to $0.00

This works, but if I ever have to create a brand-new spreadsheet and I want to import the historical data, it would be extremely cumbersome to remember to do all these steps, years from now.


  • In the tillerhq console, where we select which accounts to link to each spreadsheet, there is a column called “Status”. That column is set to “Active” for all accounts, even closed ones.

  • I think if we were able to manually set it to “Inactive” maybe that would tell Yodlee to not try to download new data for those accounts. We could leave them all linked to the spreadsheet, but they will just stop being updated

  • Alternatively, it would be nice for closed accounts to actually get a new timestamp with today’s date that show the correct balance of $0.00. This would create unnecessary lines in the balance history sheet, but it would still keep things nice and tidy.

Any idea if there is already a solution for this problem, or if there hope something might be worked out in the near future?

Thank you!

You’ve made good progress by unlinking the accounts and creating the manual $0 Balance History.

On the Tiller Console, go to the account(s) and you want to delete, and select the Edit button next to them. You can choose Remove. None of your data will be deleted.

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Is it correct that no data will be deleted?

Here, @heather warns that data will be deleted.

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All of the data we’ve pulled in for that account will be deleted, so you won’t be able to fill it into a new spreadsheet with data for that specific account. But any data that exists in your spreadsheet already is 100% yours and won’t be deleted unless you manually remove those rows of data.

Does that help?

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