Account Balance Help

I’m having a hard time understanding why my account balances in Tiller don’t match my bank account balances. For example, Tiller says it was last updated 1 day ago and my balance for one account is $1339. However, my bank account balance one day ago was $1992. What am I missing??

Is this the case right after you update the feeds via the online console? That is, if you update the feed and pull in the new data is there still a difference between Tiller and your online account balance?

Yes that’s right. I just created my account about a week ago. Day 1 it matched, but has never matched again after updating the feeds.

Does the “last updated” date match the current date after you update? From you first message it seems as though it could be a day behind.

Not sure if this is the reason but…. Your bank account balance shown online will also include any “pending” transactions. These are transactions that have been approved but have no processed fully. If you go into your account summary online where it shows all transactions, you can find the last “cleared” transaction and the balance at that time. That should hopefully match. These are also referred to as “posted” transactions as opposed to the “pending” label.

Yes - that is how I’m looking at it. Today my Tiller says my balance is $7,036 as of 8/16. My bank cleared amount is $10,895 as of 8/13 (last cleared date). I’m so confused, do yours match?


Since the feeds are not real time there will always be a little bit of a difference in what’s in the Tiller Balances sheet and what you see online. E.g. the balance in your sheet might be whatever your account balance was yesterday at 12PM.

If you visit the Console at Sign in - Google Accounts and hover over the last refresh time for an institution that is the time of the latest balance we pulled into our system. If transactions happen after that time and another refresh doesn’t occur in between then and when you look online vs in your sheet that’s likely the discrepancy.

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 9.23.09 AM

And it’s a good point from @jmjones1118 that it’s possible the balance pulled includes transactions that haven’t cleared yet, but this might also vary by institution and account type.

Thank you! I did hover over and it said it was last updated 8/17 at 3:43pm. At any point yesterday the balance does not match what is in Tiller. I’m just going to assume it will never match and cross my fingers everything is right.

Thanks for the update. I think the best way to test it out is to manually refresh the account, fill the sheet, and then see if it reflects balance that you see online, keeping in mind that we might be pulling the posted balance but what you see online is the pending balance.