Balance (Current Assets) vs Actual Balance

Hi All,
I am new to Tiller and so far it is working for me as expected. There is one functionality I cant find and not sure if it is possible. Is there a way to know the actual balance since some of the transactions take 3-4 days to clear the bank?
I added the transaction manually and set the flag for reconciliation. The balance however stays the same.
Example: Tiller pulls $1000 from my bank. I paid the bill in the amount of $100. it is not reflected yet as this transaction will clear in my bank after 3-4 days. I want for Tiller to tell me I have $900 left to spend.

thanks in advance

Not at the moment. Tiller support for pending transactions is a much requested feature. Tiller has acknowledged the request, but also said that implementation is complicated and not at the top of their to do list at the moment.