Real-time Balances?

If Tiller updates only once daily, does this mean the spreadsheet balances may be different than the actual balances?

If the bank’s account balance is less than Tiller’s updated balance, might an overdraft occur?

Well, yes. The only true balance is the actual balance, which is what your bank says your balance is at any given moment. There’s no way that Tiller could provide realtime balances in the way you’d get directly from your bank.

Refreshing accounts from the console provides accurate balances, it seems. Is the console the only way to see current bank information?

Mint automatically updated, showing accurate information, from my recollection.

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Doing a fill after refresh should sync your spreadsheet with the same data as the console.

Mint was certainly more seamless and automated in that regard, although you didn’t have your data in spreadsheets automatically :slight_smile:

Right. Mint was a product of Intuit, which basically had its own aggregator that could supply data exclusively to Mint so Mint could auto-refresh data as frequently as it wanted, I suppose. All at the cost of $0 to the consumer (at least direct cost; not including selling your data). Maybe this is why Mint is no longer around. . .

Can account refreshing be incorporated into Money Feeds? The spreadsheets are fantastic, but populating them with current information is cumbersome.

You asked about that here - I think that’s all the info we have for the moment.

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I’m poorly explaining myself.

I understand there are two ways to get accurate account information. One uses the Console; the other uses the Money Feed’s Connected Accounts function. The Console’s refresh is straight forward, bringing in accurate information that is can be filled from Money Feeds.

The refresh shows in Connected Accounts.
Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 12.54.48 PM

Connected Accounts directly updates accounts only if there’s a connection problem, as the blue gear indicates. If there’s no connection issue, updating accounts requires reauthorization before importing accurate information.
Account Refresh

Required Authorization From Connected Accounts

Can Connected Accounts offer updates without going through the institution’s authentication process?

Going to either the Console or authentication process for accurate information is cumbersome.

I apologize if I’m missing something and a correction would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I think I understand what you’re asking: can refresh be more smoothly incorporated into the Money Feeds add-on? Fair question, though I suppose I’d ask how burdensome is it to use the console? I have a dedicated Chrome window for Tiller. One tab has my Tiller sheets, starting with my Foundation sheet. Another tab has my console. My typical workflow is to refresh my accounts in the console and then click over to the Foundation tab to fill in the transactions. Would I prefer if this were all seamless and never needed my intervention? Sure. But it’s trivial to switch between tabs, and I think I’d prefer Tiller to prioritize addressing some other issues first.


That is exactly how I do it too. There is no circumventing the authorization process and there shouldn’t be given the security risks present today. Two tabs is easy enough, and I find updating via the console before executing fill sheets is more efficient than using the update accounts through the google sheet.


After considering the question, I think the process is too cumbersome, especially when compared to Tiller’s fantastic automation in other areas.

Tiller’s spreadsheets are excellent, but I wish Money Feeds was smoother.

Fair enough. Tiller is never going to be able to get around the authorization protocols that banks put in place. The best thing we can hope for there is that more and more banks adopt Open Banking. At least for me, all of my smoothest, fastest, and most reliable connections are with institutions that have adopted Open Banking. (And it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that the Tiller staff do a daily Open Banking dance wishing that more and more institutions would get on board.)