Fill Data Versus Refresh

Why doesn’t “Fill Data” work the same as console “Refresh”?

Can the functionality of the Console refresh be incorporated in the “Fill Data” function of Money Feeds?


I believe Tiller indicated in a thread that I read on a related question that Yodlee doesn’t allow them to have a single “Refresh All” button. So, we can fill all of the data that’s already been downloaded with a single click, but we can’t refresh all accounts with that same click. I don’t want to misrepresent, so I’ll happily delete this if Tiller corrects me.

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@dmetiller Thanks for the reply. Can this functionality be incorporated in the Money Feeds so that accessing the console is not necessary? Basically, I’m wondering if Tiller can manipulate the spreadsheet formulas to directly access Yodlee’s required refresh.

Yes, you’re right @dmetiller :slight_smile:

@rdc.tiller here’s a write up that explains the refresh/fill processes a bit more.

If you’re using Google Sheets, you can refresh via the Tiller Money Feeds side bar in addition to filling.

Excel is a little trickier since those spreadsheets are often saved on your local device (not cloud based) so we haven’t been able to add the refresh functionality into the Tiller Money Feeds sidebar.


That’s a great article, thanks for the pointer.

Any accounts that have a blue refresh button and a last refresh timestamp of greater than 36 hours ago most likely require your intervention (possibly every day or every few days) to re-authorize and pull data. This is likely because:

  • You have multi-factor (MFA) or two-factor (2FA) authentication turned on
  • Your bank expects you to have 2FA turned on, even if you don’t
  • The auto refresh has been disabled for this site

Besides these three reasons, I see the blue refresh button because auto refresh is greater than 36 hours (I’m looking at you Capital One :eyes: ). It will auto refresh without intervention, it just takes longer than 36 hours.

I think I can only refresh via Tiller Money Feeds if it’s a blue refresh button, and not for refreshes less than 36 hours. Maybe I’m missing it?