Tiller not updating all accounts daily

Whenever I log into my Tiller Console, invariably, there are some accounts that are more than a day stale and have the blue “Refresh” button. Is there a way to get these to all automatically update daily?

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Short answer: probably not

This is often between the institution and the data aggregator. Many institutions are not very friendly to the free exporting of what they view as their data and provide the bare minimum cooperation that they can get away with. Aggregators in turn push as little as possible in order to provide a usable service. It’s a delicate dance.

This has nothing to do with Tiller, which is a customer of the aggregator. The biggest power hold is actually with us, as customers of the institutions. The more we pressure our financial service providers to allow easy access to OUR data and support open banking standards, the easier all of this will become.


It seems like Yodlee (which Tiller uses as an aggregator) already handles the pacing of refreshes: https://developer.yodlee.com/Aggregation_API/Platform_Overview/Refresh_Policy

I’m all for open banking, but that’s not very actionable in the short term.

As a suggestion, it would just be nice if there were a good way to trigger refreshes from my sheet, considering I can do it manually from the console, anyway.

If you sign up and implement the api I think you’ll find that the reality is not quite as smooth

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I have! Before I discovered Tiller, I built a prototype of something quite similar (but nowhere near as evolved), using both Plaid’s and Yodlee’s free tiers.

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@acjay, You can refresh your accounts from the Tiller Money Feeds add-on sidebar under Connected Accounts if they haven’t refreshed automatically within the last 36 hours (you’ll see a blue refresh icon).