Why does Tiller seem to not update automatically anymore?

My Tiller budget spreadsheets no longer update automatically. I have to do it manually every day. When I let it slide for a few days everything not updated for 3+ days. This isn’t an issue with the financial institution but with Tiller as it is with every single account. Is there a fix? Is Tiller working on something to fix this? So many issues with Yodlee on an almost daily basis now. Time to find a new aggregator.


Following…. 100% agree

Yep. According to my Daily Update emails, Tiller has not reported any new transactions on my accounts since August 6.

Hi @james3332,

There are a few variables at play here:

  1. The account’s ability to automatically refresh - this can be disabled by Yodlee if there are site health issues or the institution requests that Yodlee turn off the auto refresh
  2. Two factor authentication - if the institution enforces 2FA you’ll need to manually refresh
  3. The “Fill” of data into Tiller Money Feeds sheets is a separate step - if you previously had Auto Fill toggled on it could have gotten toggled off
  4. Timing - even if you do have Auto Fill toggled on, if the refreshes and updates aren’t happening before the Auto Fill happens at 1-2AM you’ll still need to manually click “Fill sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to get the latest data in your sheet.

@misterbrandt if you’re not seeing the latest data in your daily email it indicates the accounts didn’t successfully refresh

If auto refresh is disabled or the institution enforces 2FA then you have to manually trigger the refresh process. Yodlee can’t do it for you automatically.

More on the full process in the diagram below:


I experience a similar issue. In my case I wonder if using Tiller + Mint leads to this transaction delay (since Mint seems to update regularly).

I would still like to see the “refresh all” button added back to the console. All my accounts require 2FA so I have to manually update each one. @heather , is there a reason why you guys can’t put back the “refresh all” button so we don’t have to click on each button separately? Or, can you add a check box next to each account to select it and then hit refresh once?

I completely agree. A refresh all button would take away some of the annoyance of having to manually refresh each and every account each and every day. Some!

Yes there is a reason @dminches. A “refresh all button” is not a supported implementation by our data provider, Yodlee. Even though it was something we used to offer, we were “fighting the framework” of how Yodlee expects us to integrate with their systems. We believe that prior implementation (refresh all) was causing a variety of other refresh related issues. Despite slowing down the refresh process a bit for some, for accounts that require manual refreshes, the overall refresh success rate at the service level improved after making that change.