Transactions Not Updating For 2-3 Days

Why does it now sometimes take up to 2-3 days for a transaction posted in an account to appear in Tiller? When I look at the account summary it often says “last refresh: 3 days ago”. I am finding I need to manually refresh and update transactions daily in order to have a view of things as they currently stand as opposed to 3 days ago. How can this issue be fixed? Am I doing something wrong? I have had Tiller Budgets for over two years now and this was never an issue until the past few months. Anybody else having the same problem.

Hi @james3332,

It might be that your institutions now have Auto Refresh disabled. This is a secondary layer in the refreshing capabilities aside from two factor authentication. Additionally, many institutions are also now requiring or enforcing two factor authentication for customers for added security.

Things are always changing behind the scenes and the Auto Refresh status for your accounts could have recently flipped to disabled, requiring you to manually refresh, even if you don’t have two factor turned on.

Hopefully that helps.


It’s not that the institutions have auto refresh disabled as it does auto refresh, but the refresh happens sporadically, between less than 24 hours between refreshes and sometimes up to 3-4 days. If I don’t do anything it eventually refreshes on it’s own. It’s not two factor authentication cause when I do it manually it doesn’t ask for any further authentication. Only one institution does that for me and I’m aware of it and know I have to refresh that one manually. Also, my auto refresh status isn’t disabled as the accounts do refresh themselves at some point if I don’t do it myself. It just takes too long for a product that I am paying money for. Are there possibly any other solutions?

I have the same issue. It’s not an authentication issue because my old spreadsheet that updates using the legacy tillerbot connection updates daily just fine. I’ve just accepted that manual refreshes are part of my workflow but hopefully there’s a fix on the way.

I have experienced the same issues cited in this thread and concur with stephenk. Also have noticed that frequency of having to do manual refreshes is increasing. My primary bank offers a money management tool and it typically post transaction from other financial institutions before they show up in my Tiller sheets. Finally have noticed that some transactions are showing up in the Daily Update email but are not posting to the the Tiller sheets that day.

Automatic and timely updates were a key driver for switching to Tiller a couple of years ago. I have recommend Tiller to an number of friends in the past because of this feature. Now not so much. Not sure why the old tillerbot worked so well.

Ever since they switched to Tiller Money Feeds it’s all messed up. And in working with their support team, all they ever do is ask questions, want screen shots, etc. but never seem to offer solutions. Mostly just suggest I check so many settings and other things I might be doing wrong. Which I’m not. It’s getting tiring actually.

Hi @james3332,

I just replied in our support thread to see if we can run this down for you. Definitely don’t want to be dismissive about the issue.